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Landscape camera

Everyone interested in the art of photography should know that there are many different types of shooting. Sports, street, portrait, and many other niches exist today. However, landscape shooting is, without exaggeration, one of the most popular niches of all times.

Why do so many amateurs, beginners and pros love shooting landscapes? First of all, it gives lots of space for creativity. You can capture pretty much anything from city views to an ocean shore. Besides, it is one of the best niches for beginners to master basic skills and take their photography to a new level. Finally, it is perfect for building up your knowledge of the proper frame setting.

What to Look for in a Camera?

It is important to take a complex approach to choose the best landscape camera. You should look for the following specs:

  • High resolution
  • Sensor size
  • Decent detailing
  • Good dynamic range
  • Excellent ISO performance to let you shoot in different light conditions and seasons
  • Weather sealing to help you handle harsh weather conditions
  • Battery capacity

In addition, you should be looking for some extra accessories. One of the basic accessories is a tripod that ensures better details and stabilization. Also, preferably, you need to opt for a camera with an interchangeable lens to have more flexibility.

All these nuances play a significant role in making the most of your landscape shots. Still, the camera’s quality remains the thing of top priority.

List of the Best Cameras for Landscape Photography

To help you make a weighed and wise choice, we have prepared a list of the best landscape cameras available on the market today and divided it into three subcategories depending on the cameras’ class. Let’s check what our top picks are!

Compact Cameras

It makes sense to opt for lighter and more compact models if you are planning to engage in landscape photography. Such models may lack some advanced features. However, they are much smaller and cheaper. Here are the best picks from this category:

Canon Powershot SX60 HS


  • Manual shooting mode
  • Supports shooting in Raw format
  • 65x optical zoom
  • Decent viewfinder with 100% coverage
  • NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High compatibility
  • 16.1MP


  • Unprotected body
  • Low battery life
  • Fixed lens

SX60 HS is the best camera for landscapes that comes under $500! It has a lower resolution and generally performs worse than DSLR or mirrorless models. However, from its class, SX60 HS is one of the best ones! It has a comfortable grip and provides excellent image quality for its technical specs.

Nikon Coolpix P900


  • Compactness
  • Light
  • 83x optical zoom
  • Great stabilization
  • Built-in EVF
  • 16MP


  • Fixed lens
  • Unprotected body

It is a superzoom camera, which makes it great for landscape shooting, especially when you take photos from large distances. It ensures a high level of details and great quality. At the same time, it is very compact and light, which allows you to shoot longer without getting tired. Thus, it is our second pick of the best cheap camera for landscape photography!

DSLR Cameras

DSLRs are professional cameras that offer a bunch of features and full manual control. They feature the biggest sensors and, thus, show the best ISO performance and have the highest resolutions. With a model from this category, you’ll be able to create brilliant landscape shots during ay season or time of the day. Here are our favorite options from this class:

Nikon D850


  • Full Frame
  • Durability
  • Quality build
  • High resolution of 45.7MP
  • Tilting screen
  • Support for 4K recording
  • Excellent quality of shots
  • Decent ISO performance


  • Pricey
  • Large weight

This is the best DSLR camera for landscape photography out there! It comes at a really high price tag, but if your budget allows you to opt for it – be sure it is worth each cent! It is a full frame camera that boasts high resolution and a wide range of advanced features that professional photographers will appreciate. It is durable and made of high-quality materials. It also allows you to record 4K videos. Despite the price and large weight, this is an option worth considering!

Nikon D7200


  • Lower price
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Can use two memory cards
  • Decent resolution
  • Great battery life
  • Size and weight smaller compared to many DSLRs


  • No 4K video support
  • Screen won’t rotate
  • Poor continuous shooting

This model is another excellent DSLR for landscape shooting. It offers excellent ergonomics, large battery capacity, protection from dust and moisture, and great performance in different light conditions! Also, it boasts of brilliant dynamic range and functionality. It has a few small drawbacks. However, it comes at a much lower price compared to our first pick, which makes it a great deal!

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless models also deliver high image quality and can easily compete with DSLRs in terms of functionality. However, as a rule, they are much smaller and lighter, which makes them perfect for shooting outdoors. Let’s see what our top picks from this category are:

Fujifilm X-E3


  • Small weight
  • Compact
  • Fast continuous shooting
  • 24.3MP


  • Short battery life
  • No image stabilizer
  • The screen doesn’t rotate

This model is a perfect choice if you are planning taking it with you all the time, as it is light and compact. Its price is a bit above $1000, but it brings good value for money. It takes high-quality shots and can handle many professional tasks.

Sony Alpha A6500


  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Quality build
  • Durability
  • Supports 4K videos
  • Decent resolution


  • Low battery life
  • Not many optic options available

Another excellent option for landscape among mirrorless cameras is Sony Alpha A6500. This camera features a powerful processor that ensures a high level of details, high image quality, and good ISO performance. It also has fast autofocus, advanced buffer, and a high continuous shooting speed of 11 frames/second. Its price is a bit higher compared to the previous option and reaches about $1500.

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