Top Choices of DSLR Cameras with Wi-Fi in 2019

Top DSLR cameras with wi-fi

The reasons for choosing a DSLR camera over other options are quite obvious. These cameras have been around for quite a while, and they are considered to bring the most quality and functionality.

Today, there are quite many models to choose from. All of them have some advantages and some drawbacks. And all are good for specific purposes. However, how to define what features you should be looking in a DSLR camera? This should mostly depend on your expectations and needs. However, there is one feature that we believe will come in handy for everyone – Wi-Fi connectivity! Thus, we recommend all of you to opt for devices that have it.

Why are so many people now opting for Wi-Fi DSLR cameras? Continue reading this article to figure this out!

Why Do You Want Your Camera To Have Built-In Wi-Fi?

If you have never used a camera with wireless connectivity before, you have missed out on a whole bunch of exciting opportunities! Thus, it is the right time to change this.

Wi-Fi connectivity provides you with many attractive benefits. This feature allows you to connect your device to the network and pass your shots to the computer or storage instantly, without connecting the camera with a cord. This is quite convenient, especially when you have a modern PC or laptop that doesn’t feature a slot for the card reader. Besides, it is a great way to ensure the safety of your shots – even if your SD card gets lost, you always have a copy of your files either on the computer or on your cloud storage. Finally, some newer models allow posting pictures in social networks right from your camera! This is a fun and simple way to share your favorite shots with friends and family!

How To Choose A DSLR with Wi-Fi?

In general, the process of comparing different models, evaluating them, and choosing a suitable option remains the same. You have to pay attention to the same characteristics and factors. Let us remind you of some of the most important factors to keep in mind:

  • Megapixels and sensor type – to understand what quality of image you can expect;
  • Quality of the viewfinder and screen;
  • ISO range to define how well the camera will perform in different light conditions;
  • Physical characteristics;
  • Quality of video;
  • AF system – the quality and speed of autofocus determines for what types of photography a particular model is good.
  • Quality of materials to ensure the device’s durability;
  • Additional features – depending on your needs.

As you can see, the procedure is always pretty much the same. There is only one difference – you have to make sure that the chosen model has a built-in Wi-Fi.

Are not sure that you can make a wise choice on your own? This is natural, especially if you are new to the world of professional DSLR cameras. However, we have a solution for you! We have tested many popular models that come with a built-in Wi-Fi and evaluated them to create a list of top wireless DSLR cameras for you! Let’s see what our top picks are!

The Best DSLR Cameras With Wi-Fi You Can Buy In 2019

In fact, quite many DSLR cameras come with built-in Wi-Fi. However, in our article, we are not going to focus only on this factor. Instead, we have evaluated different models by a number of parameters to offer you a choice of the best DSLR cameras that provide a good blend of features and quality!

Canon 80D

This is one of the best DSLRs with built-in Wi-Fi, and it is also the cheapest one on our list. Canon is known for producing reliable and high-quality devices, so no wonder one of its models opens up our top 5! It offers high image quality, accuracy, and functionality.


  • Affordability
  • APS-C CMOS sensor with a 24MP resolution
  • Weather sealing
  • Smart Face Detection feature
  • Portability
  • Wide range of features
  • Decent quality of shots


  • Not the best video quality
  • Average scores for daily photography
  • Low max ISO

Nikon D850

While the first model on our list was picked due to its low price, Nikon D850 is one of our top choices thanks to its excellent performance! Out of all options available on the market, this model boasts the best image quality and excellent scores for all types of photography, which makes it versatile. Besides, it is a full frame camera, which explains its high price and also makes it worth every cent!


  • Full frame sensor with a 46MP resolution
  • Great for different types of photography
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Weather sealing
  • High video quality


  • Too expensive
  • Not a good choice for beginners

Pentax K-1

Next option on our top list is presented by Pentax, and it’s also a full frame DSLR. It performs well under various conditions and has decent technical specs.


  • Full frame
  • Suitable for all types of photography
  • Decent image stabilization
  • High-quality viewfinder


  • Less reliable than Nikon’s or Canon’s models
  • Low video quality

Sony A99 II

Talking about full frame DSLRs, this model is among the best ones. The number of megapixels is smaller compared to the first option on our list, but still high enough to offer outstanding quality! It also boasts of high ISO indicator, and it is suitable for different types of photography!


  • Full frame
  • 42MP resolution
  • Portability
  • High quality of shots
  • Weather sealing


  • High price

Canon 5D MIV

Our next top pick is another model produced by Canon. It is also a full frame device, but it obviously lacks megapixels compared to the options suggested earlier. Still, it offers decent quality and comes with a good range of features!


  • Good value for money
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Quality build
  • High quality of the video
  • Touchscreen


  • High price
  • Only 30MP
  • Its score for street photography is average

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