The Best DSLR Cameras to Purchase in 2019

The best DSLR cameras

In the modern world, cameras have deeply integrated into our lives. Almost each of us has a smartphone with a camera that he has with him wherever he goes. This gave us a possibility to capture every single moment of our lives and made this process simpler than ever. But what if your smartphone’s camera doesn’t satisfy your needs anymore? Or what if you have decided to become a photographer? In this case, you might want a more powerful device!

An obvious solution is to purchase a DSLR camera. However, do you really need it? If yes, then how to pick a perfect option? Answering these questions on your own will be quite tricky, but this article is aimed to assist you!

Picking A Good Camera: Simple Guide

In general, the main factor that should influence your choice is your level. Depending on whether you are an amateur, novice, or professional photographer, you may want to have different performance and technical characteristics. Thus, before you get to choose a camera that would meet your requirements, ask yourself a simple question – “Do I need a professional camera like that?” and the answer will guide you!

Should you choose a DSLR or compact camera?

The answer to this question is not as obvious as it may seem because the quality of your shots depends mostly on your skills, not on the quality or price of your camera. Sometimes, images taken with a pro camera by an amateur would look much worse than those shots taken with a cheap camera by a professional photographer. That’s the reason why we said earlier that the choice of a camera depends on your level. However, this doesn’t mean that a novice photographer shouldn’t use models from this class. On the contrary, if you are determined to master the art of photography (it does not matter, for professional purposes or as a hobby), then it is wise to start with the entry-level DSLR! It will help you obtain needed skills, understand the influence of shooting parameters on the final result, and provide the quality necessary for the development of your abilities.

Consider the disadvantages before making a decision

Although cameras from this category are quite popular, they have a few drawbacks worth considering. The most apparent disadvantage is the high cost. Typically, the price of an entry-level model would start from $500-700, while top DSLR cameras would cost much more. Besides, the total cost of all the accessories necessary for an advanced photographer often exceeds the amount spent on the camera itself.

Another significant disadvantage is the size of such models. Compared to compact or mirrorless cameras, DSLRs are much heavier and bigger. Moreover, with all the accessories and lenses, it gets so heavy that you hardly will be able to survive long photo sessions with a camera like that. However, modern models tend to get a bit smaller and lighter, which is definitely a good thing.

There is one more disadvantage that you have to consider – DSLRs are often quite noisy. Due to their mechanism that consists of several moving parts, these cameras work quite loudly. However, the manufacturers seem to be doing their best to get rid of unnecessary noise. Thus, some of the top rated DSLR cameras make less noise!

Pros of DSLRs

Although there are some disadvantages, we have to admit that DSLRs have more pros than cons. First of all, such cameras boast of excellent quality of photo and video. Hardly any compact camera can compete with a good DSLR in terms of quality. Thanks to their large design, such cameras are equipped with larger and more advanced matrices, which ensures higher sensitivity and better quality. Besides, bigger matrix provides faster autofocus, which makes DSLRs perfect for shooting dynamic scenes.

In addition, thanks to the bigger size of the body, DSLRs tend to have longer battery life and a variety of external settings.

Interchangeable lenses are another thing that makes DSLRs stand out from the crowd. Different lenses are designed for various purposes, which gives you enough flexibility. You can adjust the camera to almost any situation to get the most of your sessions!

Compare different options

Finally, when you know enough about the pros and cons of such cameras, and decided to purchase one of those, you get to the hardest part. Your task is to compare different options and pick one that suits your needs the most.

For amateurs, this can become a really challenging task, as there are too many things to keep in mind. However, we are here to help you out! Below you can find a list of top DSLR cameras 2019, with a brief review of every option, that should help you make the right choice!

Best DSLR Cameras For Different Purposes And Budgets

If you feel like models from this category are exactly what you’ve been looking for, our complete list of top 10 DSLR cameras should help in making a choice! For your convenience and simplicity of choice, we have divided our picks into five categories based on their highlights and characteristics.

Best Overall

What are the best DSLR cameras? If you are looking for the best overall options, here are our top two picks!


This model is super versatile and functional! It impresses with the quality of shots and variety of features. We also love it because it suits both professionals and enthusiasts. Besides, it is a perfect pick for video recording!


  • Full frame
  • Support for 4K recording
  • Rapid autofocusing
  • Versatility
  • Build quality
  • Not too large


  • High price


If you are not looking for a full frame model, you should be delighted with this camera as it is the best DSLR with an APS-C type sensor! This camera shows outstanding performance and can boast of impressive durability! Besides, it is a perfect blend of quality, durability, and speed!


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Durability
  • Excellent quality
  • A bunch of professional features
  • 4K support
  • Weather sealing
  • Great viewfinder
  • Excellent AF with 51 points
  • Sharpness


  • No significant disadvantages

Best Compact DSLR Cameras

If you are inspired by the quality and functionality of DSLRs but don’t like their bulky designs, below we have a few compact models that should come to your liking!

Canon EOS Rebel T5

This is a quite new model that performs excellently providing excellent clarity and sharpness. It is also suitable for action photography. Unfortunately, due to its compact design, this model can’t boast having many megapixels, but if you are looking for a compact DSLR it is a smart pick!


  • Small weight
  • Powerful despite a small size
  • Rich in detail
  • HD video
  • Good autofocus
  • Impressive image processing capabilities


  • Only 18MP
  • The relevantly low battery life of 500 photos
  • No built-in Wi-Fi

Nikon D3300 24.2 MP CMOS

The second best compact model can outdo the previous option in terms of megapixels. One more reason why we love it is that, despite its small weight and size, this camera has impressively long battery life. Also, it has a decent ISO range, which ensures good performance in low light conditions. Finally, it surprises with its functionality and variety of advanced features!


  • 24.2MP
  • HD video
  • The impressive battery life of 700 photos
  • Wi-Fi
  • Weight of 0.95 lbs
  • Low price
  • Incredible image processing


  • No significant disadvantages

Best Nikon DSLR Cameras

Nikon is known for being a leader in the market of photo devices. No wonder many professionals and amateurs pick this brand. But how to choose from a wide range of models presented by this company? Below are provided the best picks of Nikon cameras!

Nikon D7200

This model offers the best value for money! With a price tag under $1,000, it shows excellent performance and can’t help but impress with its functionality.


  • Great autofocus with 51 focus points
  • Nice handling
  • Excellent quality
  • Good value for money
  • Full HD
  • NFC and Wi-Fi


  • Doesn’t feature touchscreen

Nikon D500

Our second top pick of Nikon’s DSLR cameras costs more than a previous one, but it is worth it! It is equipped with a high-quality tilting screen and smart AF system with 153 focus points.


  • Durability
  • Quality build
  • Stunning autofocus
  • 4K support
  • Excellent for action photography


  • 20.9MP
  • Higher price

Best Waterproof DSLR Cameras

If you are shooting indoors (for example, in a studio), there are no reasons to worry about the safety of your device. However, once you get outside, you will have to deal with various external threats, and one of the most dangerous ones is water. Thus, if you are planning on shooting outside in different weather conditions, you should be opting for waterproof models.

Nikon D850

Our first option is super versatile and will meet the needs and expectations of even the most demanding photographers. It shows impressive results in different conditions and different fields of photography. Besides, it is equipped with a high-end full frame sensor and excellent viewfinder. However, its price tag is really high.


  • Full frame
  • Weather sealing
  • Wi-Fi
  • Touchscreen
  • Smart Face Detection
  • 46.0MP


  • Extremely expensive

Sony A99 II

One more option in this category is not worse, but a bit cheaper. Still, it stands out thanks to its quality build and high-end elements. This model also shows excellent performance in different fields. However, although it is a bit cheaper than our previous option, it is still pricey!


  • Weather sealing
  • Great build quality
  • Full frame
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • Excellent performance


  • High price

Best Cheap DSLR Cameras For Sale

As we mentioned earlier, DSLRs are generally more expensive than models from other categories. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no option suitable for photographers on a budget. Check out our top picks of cheap DSLRs!

Nikon D3400

If you are looking for an option under $500, we would recommend you to look at this model. Of course, it has a few disadvantages, but it’s still a good deal! It comes with a good spectrum of features and is quite simple in use. Thus, it can be recommended to novice photographers. Besides, it has quite many benefits, which is why we call it the best budget model.


  • Great for beginners
  • Good autofocusing system
  • Excellent battery life
  • Full HD support
  • Wireless connectivity
  • One of the cheapest options out there


  • Doesn’t feature touchscreen
  • Doesn’t feature microphone port

Canon EOS Rebel T7i / Canon EOS 800D

Our second option in this section costs more than the previous model, but it is not less worthy! It is one of the best overall models, and the fact that it comes at a fair price is just a nice bonus. It’s good for beginners thanks to easing of use. In addition, it boasts excellent AF and a few extra benefits.


  • Great autofocus
  • High-quality touchscreen
  • Outstanding sensor


  • Low quality of materials
  • Doesn’t support 4K

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